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5 Protective Styling Tips For People Who Wear Wigs

Protective styling is an important method of hair care for women who want to preserve the integrity of their natural hair. While there are plenty of amazing, gorgeous ways to wear natural hair, sometimes your natural hair simply needs a break. Having a high quality, good-looking wig in your arsenal is a great way to switch from a natural to a protective style in minutes – if you do the right preparation. Here are 5 tips for using wigs as a protective style.

Find A High Quality Wig For Protective Styling

There are countless wigs out on the market, and while you may find some cheaper wigs that look good at first glance, not all wigs are created equal. Synthetic wigs these days are usually made with higher quality fibers, but they still pale in quality compared to natural, human hair. While synthetic wigs are cheaper and easier on the wallet, natural hair wigs will give you a more natural, more realistic looking style. Natural hair wigs will also last for months on end with proper maintenance.

The construction of the wig is also important. A higher quality, more expensive wig will come with a full wig cap constructed using real lace. Cheaper units will use synthetic lace.

Prepare Your Natural Hair

Don’t simply drag a good wig onto your neglected natural hair and call it a day. If the goal is to use a wig as a protective style, then you have to care for the hair that you’re protecting, even before putting on a wig.

If your hair needs a trim, go ahead and see your stylist to get one. Cleanse your hair but avoid using heavy moisturizers or products that will cause build-up on your scalp or residue in the wave cap of your wig. Braid or twist your hair into two-strand twists to ensure that your hair is properly and neatly laid underneath your wig.

Clean & Moisturize Your Hair

Protective styling means just that: your hairstyle is meant to protect your hair. Using a wig doesn’t mean that your natural hair should be neglected. You should still cleanse, condition and moisturize your natural hair on a regular basis. Don’t use your wig as an excuse to forget about your natural hair, you’ll definitely regret it.

Watch Your Edges

Wearing your wigs for extended periods of time without paying proper attention to your edges will surely cause you to lose them. Use a good quality castor oil or other trusted product on your edges regularly. Avoid using glues and other adhesive products that can tear at your edges.

Care For Your Wig

If you want it to last for a long time, then you have to take good care of your wig. Remove your wig at the end of each day and properly store it; do not sleep in your unit. Like your natural hair, your wig needs to be washed regularly. Every other week or so, gently wash your wig with a mild shampoo. With proper maintenance, your human hair wig should last for several months or longer.