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How Many Bundles Of Hair Do You Really Need To Achieve Your Look?

One of the most common questions when dealing with hair extensions is: how many bundles do I need? You might know exactly what you want your hair to look like, but you’re not sure how many bundles it’ll take to execute the style. Of course, you can always ask your stylist, but it’s better to know exactly what look you want and exactly how many bundles you’ll need before you get to your hair appointment. After all, bundles aren’t cheap and it usually isn’t as simple as buying an extra one (or two!) on a whim. So in order to prepare, there are a few things you’ll need to consider:

What Style Do I Want?

This might seem like a basic question, but it’s also the most important. The style you want will 100% dictate the amount of bundles you need. From the length of the style to the texture to the shape and size of your head – all of these factors need to the be considered when choosing your bundles.

Before hitting up your stylist or purchasing your bundles to create a look for yourself, know the exact look that you want to create. If you are depending on your stylist, having a photo of the style can help tremendously. Sometimes words alone don’t fully communicate the look that you’re envisioning. Once it’s clear exactly what look you’ll want to create, then you can start choosing your bundles. 

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How Long Will My Style Be?

This is a key question for deciding how many bundles you’ll need. Long styles will always require more bundles, because longer bundles tend to get thinner towards the ends. Shorter bundles tend to be thicker. If you know that you’d like to create a long, luxurious look, then expect to purchase an extra bundle or two. 

If your look is 12 inches or shorter, you can probably get away with using only two bundles. However, for a look that’s between 12 and 22 inches, you’ll definitely need at least three bundles. For a look that’s even longer, expect to use upwards of four bundles. The rule of thumb is that the longer and thicker the look, the more bundles you’ll need to purchase. For the most common styles, however, you’ll probably need about three bundles. 

What Texture Will My Style Be?

As you can imagine, a straight look and a curly look are going to require a different number of bundles. Curly looks are by nature already pretty full, so you won’t need as many bundles to create a full look. You can probably get away with using the standard two or three bundles.

However, if you’re looking for a straight look, then you’ll need more bundles to ensure that your style looks full and natural. Without enough bundles your style may end up looking thin and drab. While a straight look doesn’t require as much volume, it still needs to look seamless and natural. Depending on the length and style, you’ll probably need about three or four bundles. 

How Many Bundles Will Fit My Head Size?

Let’s face it, some of us just naturally have bigger heads, and that’s okay! But what that means is that you may require an extra bundle or two to create a natural-looking style. The average circumference of a woman’s head is around 22.5 inches. If your head happens to be smaller, you might get away with using one less bundle. If your head happens to be bigger, then invest in an extra bundle to ensure a good look. 

How Many Bundles Do I Need With A Closure Or Frontal?

Closures and frontals are great for creating a more natural look, and they also help to make your look more full. If you’re using a closure or frontal, then you may not need as many bundles to achieve your desired style. For the most common styles, three bundles should be more than enough!

How Many Bundles Do I Need To Create A Wig?

Now, if you’re trying to create a wig rather than using the bundles directly, you’ll still be using the same rules of thumb. If you’re trying to create a wig using a frontal, then you may not need as much hair. If the length of your style is less than 16 inches, you can probably get away with using just two bundles, but know that you won’t be able to get too intricate with your styling. This will create a simple, basic look. For a longer style or a fuller style, then use three bundles. For a super long, really intricate style (longer than 24 inches or so) then you might need up to four bundles to really achieve the look you’re going for.