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Frontal Maintenance Tips For Consistently Fabulous Looking Hair

Frontal maintenance can be a literal headache, but it’s the most important way to keep your hair looking fresh and clean. Frontals aren’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of hairstyle. You must be willing to put in work, using the right products and the right habits to keep your frontal looking good. Here are some tips for keeping your frontal looking flawless. 

Proper Frontal Installation

A good-looking frontal starts with the proper installation. Because frontals and extensions cost so much money, having a professional hair stylist do the installation is the best way to avoid any costly mistakes. Your hair stylist is more likely to know not only how to install the frontal, but also how to properly prepare the frontal so that it seamlessly blends into your natural hair. 

These tips for customizing your frontal before installation are a great blueprint for creating a natural-looking frontal. A good stylist will follow important steps like bleaching the knots, plucking the front, and dying the lace to match your skin tone. The goal is for the frontal to look as much as possible like it’s naturally growing from your own scalp.

Frontal Maintenance Hygiene 

No matter how expensive your frontal is, it won’t look good if it’s dirty. Sweat, dirt, products and makeup all build up in your hair over time, causing changes in color and luster. If you don’t want your frontal to look dull, dirty, and lifeless, then you should clean your frontal on a regular basis. 

Washing your frontal weekly is ideal, but if you need to stretch it, don’t go longer than a couple of weeks without washing. The less buildup that you have to deal with, the easier it will be to wash, and the better it will look. Conditioning and moisturizing on a regular basis is also crucial. Also don’t forget to wash, condition and maintain your hair underneath your frontal

Frontal Maintenance Products

Using the right frontal products in the right way is critical to keeping your frontal looking fresh and fabulous. Your frontal adhesive is important as it helps to keep your frontal laid in place. A water-proof adhesive is the best choice, especially if you sweat or workout a lot. While you’re free to chose the adhesive of your choice, how you use it can make all the difference. 

Some women find that their frontal is staying in place, but it looks white and flaky. This is due to using way too much adhesive. Using the back of a comb, apply a thin layer of adhesive on your hairline, avoiding your natural hair. After this thin layer dries a bit, add a second thin layer of adhesive on top of this. Now your frontal is ready to be applied. Be sure that your adhesive looks transparent before applying, otherwise you will end up with white flakes. 

In addition to adhesive, using the right products for washing, conditioning, and moisturizing are also key. Design Essentials products are great for keeping your hair fresh and clean. 

Take A Break From Your Frontal

If you have sensitive skin, wearing it all the time for weeks and weeks on end is not going to work. You might find that the skin around your hairline becomes red, discolored, irritated and itchy after wearing your frontal for a while. If this happens, then you absolutely must take a break from your frontal. You may want to visit a dermatologist to determine the root of the issue and find a solution. Taking a break and allowing your skin to heal is not only good for your health, but it will keep your frontal looking fresh and natural.