Cambodian Frontals

Cambodian Frontal or closure pieces are hair strands tied all together to a sheer lace, usually Swiss or French lace. The difference lies on the size and how they are applied. Frontals are bigger because they cover the entire hairline, from temple to temple, while closures cover only a portion at the top or front of your scalp. Frontals are usually bonded while closures are weaved in.

The demand for Cambodian frontals and closures has grown over the past years. Not all can enjoy the benefits before because they used to be very expensive. But a lot have changed since then. More hair extension designers and manufacturers have come out with new designs, giving more styling options and opening a bigger market for women out there. Knowing that these pieces are more readily accessible gives women the opportunity to transform into the best version of themselves.

Choosing between Cambodian frontals depends on what style you are trying to achieve. Reach out to us here at Bouncy Bundles if you need guidance!