Indian Closures

There is huge demand for Indian hair extensions. The Bouncy Bundles’ Virgin Indian Hair extensions is our premium collection that is meticulously put together with all the cuticles remaining healthy and intact. The cuticles run in the same direction to help prevent tangling and matting. Indian hair is always full and versatile which helps reduce the bundle of human hair extension that you will need in order to have your hair appear full, bouncy and shiny.

Having hair extensions at their disposal is the dream of every stylist but could be cost prohibitive. At Bouncy Bundles, we offer hair extensions which are free from all sorts of chemicals, coloring, and even detangling at low prices so that everyone who needs Indian hair can have it. Indian hair maintains its softness and unique texture so you can easily use a curling iron or a heating iron to style your hair any which way you want. Our close our Indian hair extensions are the ideal hair extensions for someone who needs to look great affordably.


Indian hair is available in a variety of shades of dark black and brown. In addition, you can find the hair texture of your choice, whether you want smooth and silky, or carefree and curly. The versatile hair type is soon becoming popular among women all around the globe who dream of dark luxurious hair.