Cambodian Virgin Hair

Bouncy Bundle’s Cambodian hair extensions add the natural flow, fullness and beauty of real Cambodian hair. With it’s lightweight, alluringly gorgeous and durable features, the Bouncy Bundles Cambodian hair extensions can withstand anything life sends your way. You can go out in confidence with these hair extensions knowing you look your best. We currently offer Cambodian Human Hair Extensions between 8 and 30 inches in length so you can achieve the look you want. Bouncy Bundles also offers Virgin Cambodian hair extensions in a number of different textures from loose wave to straight. Alternatively, you can mix and match our Cambodian hair extensions to create unique hairstyles that will turn heads everywhere you go. With its fullness and soft texture, the hair is easy to wear and maintain unlike other hair extensions which might be a bit heavy and uncomfortable over time. Our extensions are tangle and matte free for a completely carefree lifestyle. Cambodian Human Hair Extensions are a great option for someone who’s looking for low maintenance hair extensions. Cambodian hair extensions are easy to manage and maintain effectively. Due to the quality of Cambodian hair, you can also dye and color the hair extensions without any fear of affecting its quality. The chemicals that are used when coloring and dying of Cambodian hair extensions will also help give your hair a glossier appearance. With the proper care and maintenance, your Cambodian Human Hair Extensions can last a long time without losing its appearance.