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7 Tips For Dying Your Hair Extensions At Home

Dying your hair extensions is a great way to completely change your look without buying a new set of bundles. Going from a fun, flirty blond to a deeper, browner hue can totally transform your presence.

Here at Bouncy Bundles, we’ll almost always suggest that you consult a qualified hair care professional before making any major changes to your hair extensions. However, we also understand that inevitably, you might find yourself in a position where you need to do the work yourself.

If you do find yourself in a position where you’re ready to dye your hair extensions yourself, then you must take great caution. After all, quality hair extensions are not cheap, and using certain products and chemicals can damage your precious bundles. Here’s how you can protect your extensions from a botched at-home dye job!

Purchase Quality Hair

Not all types of hair extensions will react the same to hair dye. If you already know that you’ll probably be dying your hair extensions yourself, you should purchase the right type of hair for the job.

Virgin Remy hair extensions are your best bet for a successful dye job because unlike other hair extensions, Virgin Remy hair is in its most natural state. It hasn’t already been chemically processed to look a certain way, so it is most likely to be able to handle the processing that comes with dying hair.

It is not recommended to dye non-Remy hair, as it has already been weakened by chemical processing. Putting it through the dying process may very well damage your bundles completely.

Don’t Buy The Cheap Stuff

Let’s be real. You didn’t spend all that money on your bundles to mess them up with cheap hair dye. While the inexpensive stuff at your local CVS might look tempting, your best bet is to invest in some good quality hair dye. Do a bit of research and find a professional-quality hair dye to use.

Don’t Make It Permanent

If you plan on keeping your high quality Virgin Remy hair for as long as is intended, then you’ll want the ability to change it to your liking in the future. Because of this, using permanent hair dye is not recommended.

Search for semi- or demi-permanent hair dye products that can wash out over the course of a few weeks. This can help prevent buyer’s remorse if the color doesn’t come out exactly as you like it. It can also help to maintain the integrity of the hair, as permanent dyes tend to break down the hair cuticle.

Don’t Dye Dirty Hair!

Understand that your everyday hair products, sweat, and random debris slowly build up on the hair strands over time. This is why keeping a regular, hygienic hair maintenance routine is so important.

That being said, do NOT attempt to dye hair bundles that haven’t been thoroughly cleansed beforehand. You want to ensure that the hair strands are all ready to properly receive the dying products without any problems.

If your bundles are in need of a cleansing, we suggest that you wash the hair the day before you intend to dye it, and allow the hair to fully dry overnight so that it’s properly ready for you to begin dying it.

Don’t Use Over-The-Counter Bleaching Products

Understand that unless you’re experienced in hair styling, you’re taking a risk by dying your hair extensions by yourself. If you’re looking to go super light and think that bleaching will be required, then we strongly suggest that you reconsider and call up your stylist.

Bleach and peroxide can both damage your hair extensions if you don’t know what you’re doing. Using the right amount in the right way is pertinent to ensuring not only that your dye job ends up looking great, but also that your bundles don’t end up damaged.

Follow The Instructions

Don’t be that person. The silliest mistake to make is not carefully reading the instructions on the hair dye product before using it. Your best bet for a bangin’ dye job is to follow the instructions very carefully. Read and re-read the instructions before you even touch your hair extensions.

Maintain An Aftercare Schedule

So you did it! You’ve successfully executed a dye job at home and you’re ready to rock your new look for the next several weeks. Achieving a gorgeous, dyed look is only half the battle. Keeping it looking good requires just as much care and attention.

Wash regularly – but don’t overwash – to prevent build-up from dulling your hair’s sheen. Washing daily is not recommended as you run the risk of stripping the hair of its natural oils. Washing every few days or weekly with a sulfate-free shampoo is ideal.

In addition to washing, moisturizing is also very important. Using shampoos, conditions, and hair masks with moisturizing capabilities is key. You’ll also want to refrain from putting additional stress on your extensions by using heating tools.