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6 Tricks For Transforming Thin Hair

Dealing with limp, thin hair can do a number on your self-esteem, especially when compared to full, bouncy locks. However, thin hair doesn’t have to be a nuisance forever. With these six simple tricks, you can transform your thin hair to thick and luscious in no time.

Install High Quality Hair Extensions

The quickest and easiest way to add volume to your sparse locks is to install high extensions. However, any old hair extensions just won’t do. You’ll need to invest in high quality, human hair extensions that will still look natural.

Yes, human hair costs more, but it’s worth the investment. Settling for cheap, unnatural-looking hair would simply be trading in one aesthetic problem for another. 

For the best results, have a professional hair stylist install your hair extensions so that they’re done properly.

Opt For A Shorter ‘Do

Longer hair styles can exaggerate the look of your thin hair by weighing it down. Opting for a cute, short bob or medium-length style will help your hair look thicker than it actually is. 

If you’re wary about cutting your hair but you’re curious about how a shorter, above-the-shoulder style would look on you, consider trying out a bob wig

Use The Right Styling Tools

Sometimes using the right styling tools can make all the difference. For instance, using a ceramic barrel brush when blow drying your hair can help add much-needed volume to your look. When blow drying, start with your brush under your roots and lift upwards instead of brushing down. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant!

Add Dimension To Thin Hair With Highlights

Playing with your hair color is a great way to change up the look while also disguising your hair’s thinness. The right color highlights will create depth and dimension, giving your hair a fuller, thicker look. Consult with a hair styling professional to get the right look for you. 

Stop Damaging Your Hair 

The cause of your thinning hair may actually be your styling regimen. If you’re over-using your curling or flat iron, you may be causing heat damage and breakage to your hair.

Be sure to always use a heat protectant when applying heat to your hair. Silk Essentials Thermal Strengthening Serum is great for protecting your hair from heat when curling, blow drying, or flat ironing. 

You’ll also want to be careful about the types of hair styles that you wear. If you’re constantly wearing tight hairstyles that pull at your scalp, you may be contributing to your thinning hair problem. Loosen it up every once in a while!

Finally, if you’re washing your hair every single day or utilizing harsh hair products on a regular basis, you may be putting too much strain on your hair’s strands. Be careful to use gentle products, and be sure not to over-wash or over-style your hair.

Consult A Medical Professional For Thin Hair

Thinning hair can also be caused by health conditions that have nothing to do with how you’re styling your hair. Malnutrition is a common culprit, so be sure that you’re getting enough essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your diet. 

You may also want to consult with a licensed dermatologist to rule out any other scalp conditions. There are a number of genetic, hormonal, and health conditions that contribute to thinning hair. A medical professional can help you get to the bottom of your problem while also prescribing a way to fix it.