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5 Simple Cold Weather Hair Tips

Cold weather is right around the corner, and keeping your hair healthy and looking good can become a lot more complicated.  From freezing cold to indoor heating, the winter season can wreak havoc on your hair if it isn’t properly maintained. Here are five simple tips for keeping your hair looking and feeling good during the cold weather.

Don’t Wash As Often 

No need to feel dirty! In the cold winter weather, you’re simply not sweating as often so you can afford to cut back on your washing. More importantly, washing your hair strips your hair of its natural oils & moisture, both of which are critical for keeping your hair protected in the cold weather.

You may need to do some trial & error to figure out what works for your as far as your new winter weather wash schedule goes. If you’re a daily washer, switch to every two or three days. For kinkier, natural hair, a weekly wash routine will suffice. If you find that your hair is still in desperate need of moisture, try adding a few days between washes to see what works best for you.

Don’t Neglect Moisturizing!

Not washing as often is not an excuse to ease back on your conditioning and oiling routine. The winter season is notorious for stripping your scalp and hair of its moisture, so maintaining it is key. Try using a leave-in conditioner more often, and don’t forget to seal in the moisture with the proper oils. If you’re still struggling with moisture, a hair porosity test can help you create a moisturizing routine that matches your specific hair type!

Develop A Cold Weather Deep Conditioning Routine

Taking the time out to regularly pamper your hair with a delicious deep conditioning hair mask can go a long way, especially during the winter months. You can completely prevent that pesky winter dryness by being proactive and covering your strands in a high quality conditioning product. Doing this once a week should be sufficient enough to combat the cold weather.

Say No To The Wash & Go In Cold Weather

Winter is just not the time for running out the door with a wet head of hair. Cold weather can cause breakage on wet hair, so make sure that your hair is completely dry before you head outside. If you have no choice but to head out, but your hair hasn’t properly dried yet, be sure to protect it with some form of head covering. You can completely avoid the last minute rush by doing your hair routine at night instead of in the daytime.

Hydrate From The Inside Out

Your hair’s moisture doesn’t only come from the water and products that you use on the outside. Proper hydration starts from the inside. As with your skin, a properly hydrated body will produce healthy, hydrated hair. You may not feel as thirsty in the cold winter weather, but you should still drink plenty of water to help maintain your hair’s moisture.